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We are bringing the motto of "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" to every location on the planet.

Happy Glyb'ing !!

Introducing Glyb, the app that deletes the messages as soon you leave the location. It offers the best of both worlds. Its unique features allow the users to stay anonymous until they want to reveal themselves. Also, the expiration is not time based. You can relish and share the fun till you leave the location. As a saying goes, "Be a Roman in Rome", using Glyb, you can do the stuff that you don't want to regret or haunt for the rest of your life.


Unlike other self-destructing messaging apps, we are not just limited to your friends. You can freely post and chat with people around you and make new friends.


We also understand when anonymous, humans have equal capacity to be supportive and cruel. To address this, Glyb actively navigates moral issues and privacy. It gives the tools for the people to filter the cruelty by destructing the flagged posts. Doing so, the app provides the perfect platform to own a friendly public community we always wanted.

Cool features you get with Glyb
What's Special about Glyb

  • CHAT

    Ability to have private chats with only the people you like and approve


    Instantly send text and images to anyone around you


    everything happening around you, as it happens.


    All messages expire on location change. So converse openly and laugh freely with out any inhibitions

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